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These are all my reads for the year 2019 (continually updating till the end of the year).

Note: Under ‘Issue/Volume’, ‘#’ denots a single comic issue. Otherwise, it is a collection.

  • Type Key:
    • AB - audio book
    • B - book
    • C - comic
    • GN - graphic novel
    • M - manga
Name Author Type Issue/Volume Month Read Notes
Origin Brown B   Jan  
The End of the Fucking World Forsman GN   Jan  
The Curious Case of Ben. Button Fitzgerald GN   Jan  
Bingo Love Franklin GN   Jan  
Death: The High Cost of Living Gaiman GN   Jan  
Malika: Warrior Queen Okupe GN 1 Jan  
Doom Patrol Morrison C 1 Jan  
Nowhere Men Stephenson GN 1 Jan Skimmed, boring
Pretty Deadly DeConnick GN 1 Jan  
Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn Morrison GN   Jan  
Venom: Rex Cates C 1 Jan  
The Immortal Hulk: Or Is He Both? Ewing C 1 Jan  
Currently Reading          
The Emperor of All Maladies Mukherjee B      
The Silmarillion Tolkein AB     Re-read