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Rubik’s Cube Upper Bound Meets Lower Bound at 20 Moves!

God’s Number, the absolute number of moves by which any 3×3 Rubik’s Cubes can be solved (and I suppose any nxn if you want to get technical, although at the moment 3×3 is quite impressive), has been sought after for many years. Many have tried to find God’s Number but have only raised/lowered the upper […]

QuISU 2009

Last summer was the first time I got involved in something “quantum-y.” I had two years of schooling in Computer Science type classes (and some math, although not much) and experience working at LLNL and NASA, but nothing with quantum. Or really even physics. I was a wannabe physicist at the time and was looking […]


Last summer I participated in a summer school at MIT called QuISU. While I was there I heard of another program that goes on every summer at the Institute for Quantum Computing called the Undergraduate School for Experimental Quantum Information Processing (USEQIP). I had the great pleasure of participating in this summer school and I […]

QCSYS 2010

Recently at IQC there was a week long summer school for high school students called Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (QCSYS). I had the pleasure of being a Mentor and House Parent to the students during this summer school. I was extremely impressed by the caliber of students that came to this summer school. […]