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New Website!

I’ve decided to decommission this website and go with something a bit more modern. I wrote this site you are reading now by hand and integrated it with a custom WordPress theme which was awesome at the time I did it (back in 2010). However, up keep on the site is a bit of a […]

My First Cuban Cigar

**Sorry for the repost but my original blog got deleted so I rewrote the post** A few weekends ago I dropped by a local smoke shop in Waterloo, ON, CA by the name of Walper Tobacco Shop. I was referred here by professor and faculty member Joseph Emerson at the Institute of Quantum Computing. I […]

Neat Rendering Tools for Testing Websites

I was worried about my website being slow to render today (because of some scripts I wrote) so I started searching online for some sites that would show me how long it took to fetch and execute all my content on each page. I found a very nice tool over at PingDom. It will break […]

Why Sucks!

One of the worst mistakes someone can make is trying to use a free hosting site to host your website. I was in a rush to get my site up a few months ago and decided to just got with a quick and easy setup from It has been the worst mistake I have […]

Hello World! & Hosting Problems

I have been having problems with my hosting over the past week and it’s been most annoying. I will be posting soon on the issue and why you should NOT use!