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These are all my reads for the year 2018.

Type Key:

  • AB - audio book
  • B - book
  • C - comic
  • GN - graphic novel
  • M - manga

Note: DiscWorld numbering based on: http://discworld.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Discworld_Books

Name Author Type Volumes Notes
American Gods Gaiman B   Unfinished: Unabridged version and was just… boring
The Inifinity Gauntlet Omnibus   C    
Ready Player One Cline B    
Harry Potter 3 Rowling B   Re-read
11-22-63 King AB   Unfinished: Don’t know why everyone likes this so much, it was boring
Consider Phlebas Banks B    
Kindred Butler GN    
Spawn Origins McFarlane C 1  
Plastic Wagner GN    
Queen of the Damned Rice B    
Player of Games Banks B    
The Beauty Haun GN 1-3  
The Vision King C 1-2  
DeathNote Ohba M 1-6  
Pride of Baghdad Vaughan GN    
Discworld #18 - Soul Music Pratchett AB    
Discworld #19 - Interesting Times Pratchett AB    
Discworld #20 - Maskerade Pratchett AB    
Discworld #21 - Feet of Clay Pratchett AB    
Discworld #22 - Hogfather Pratchett AB    
The Omega Men King C #1-12  
The Death of Superman Jurgens C    
Suicide Squad - New 52 Glass C #1  
Judge Dredd Ennis GN    
Ringworld Niven B    
Suicide Squad - New 52 Glass C #2  
A Walk Through Hell Ennis C #1  
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Rowling B    
Girls Luna C #1-6  
Miracleman Moore C Book 1  
The Technology of the Orgasm Maines B    
Discworld #24 - The Last Continent Pratchett AB    
Shadowman: Fear of the Dark Diggle C 1  
The Immortal Hulk Ewing C #1  
Maneaters Cain C #1-2  
The Barack Panther Shannon C 1  
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Adams AB   Re-read
Nightflyers Martin B    
The Hobbit Tolkien B   Re-read
Miracleman Moore C Book 2  
The Tales of Beedle the Bard Rowling B   Re-read
Brazen Bagieu GN