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These are all my reads for the year 2019 (continually updating till the end of the year).

Note: Under ‘Issue/Volume’, ‘#’ denotes a single comic issue. Otherwise, it is a collection.

  • Type Key:
    • AB - audio book
    • B - book
    • C - comic
    • GN - graphic novel
    • M - manga
Name Author Type Issue/Volume Month Read Notes
Origin Brown B   Jan  
The End of the Fucking World Forsman GN   Jan  
The Curious Case of Ben. Button Fitzgerald GN   Jan  
Bingo Love Franklin GN   Jan  
Death: The High Cost of Living Gaiman GN   Jan  
Malika: Warrior Queen Okupe GN 1 Jan  
Doom Patrol Morrison C 1 Jan  
Nowhere Men Stephenson GN 1 Jan Skimmed, boring
Pretty Deadly DeConnick GN 1 Jan  
Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn Morrison GN   Jan  
Venom: Rex Cates C 1 Jan  
The Immortal Hulk: Or Is He Both? Ewing C 1 Jan  
The Multiversity Morrison GN   Jan Unfinished: read half, mostly boring
The Silmarillion Tolkien AB   Jan Re-read
The Unfinished Tales Tolkien B   Jan Read selected stories
The Black Monday Murders Hickman GN 1 Jan  
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Doughty B   Jan Unfinished: read half, was good but got bored
The Brave & the Bold: Lords of Luck Waid GN   Jan Unfinished: read half, mostly boring
Jessica Jones: Uncaged! Bendis C 1 Jan  
Queer: A Graphic History Barker GN   Jan  
Star Wars: A Shattered Empire Rucka C 1 Jan  
Hellblazer: Pandemonium Delano GN   Jan Unfinished: super boring
Jessica Jones: Secrets of Maria Hill Bendis C 2 Feb  
The Black Monday Murders Hickman GN 2 Feb  
Rick & Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It Howard GN   Feb  
Demon Shiga GN 1 Feb  
47 Ronin Richardson GN   Feb  
Black Magick: Awakening Rucka C 1 Feb  
Comic Book Story of Video Games Hennessey C   Feb Unfinished: very boring, not well written
Concrete Park: You Send Me Puryear C 1 Feb  
She-Hulk: Law & Disorder Soule C 1 Feb  
Slam! Ribon C 1 Feb  
Black Hammer: Secret Origins Lemire C 1 Feb  
Punk Rock Jesus Murphy GN   Feb  
Dept. H: Murder 6 Miles Deep Kindt GN 1 Feb  
The Encyclopedia of Early Earth Greenberg GN   Feb Unfinished: started out okay, got boring
Black Hole Burns GN   Feb  
Doom Patrol Morrison C 2 Feb  
All the Birds in the Sky Anders B   Feb  
Demon Shiga GN 2 Feb  
Demon Shiga GN 3 Feb  
Demon Shiga GN 4 Feb  
Black Magick: Awakening 2 Rucka C 2 Feb  
Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street Ellis C 1 Feb  
X’ed Out Burns GN 1 Feb  
Agony Beyer C   Feb  
Slasher Forsman GN   Feb  
Safari Honeymoon Jacobs C   Feb  
Leaf Ma GN   Feb  
Black Hammer: The Event Lemire C 2 Feb  
The Undertaking of Lily Chen Novgorodoff GN   Feb  
Rice Boy Dahm GN   Feb  
LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring Tolkien AB   Feb Re-read
Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster, More DeConnick C 1 Feb  
Captain Marvel: Stay Fly DeConnick C 2 Feb  
Captain Marvel: Alis Volat Propriis DeConnick C 3 Feb  
The Immortal Hulk: The Green Door Ewing C 2 Mar  
She-Hulk: Disorderly Conduct Soule C 2 Mar  
A Dirty Job Moore B   Mar  
Jessica Jones: Return of the Purple Man Bendis C 3 Mar  
Happy! Deluxe Edition Morrison GN   Mar  
Astonishing X-Men: Gifted Whedon C 1 Mar  
X-Men: Grand Design Pickor C 1 Mar  
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga Claremont C   Mar  
All-Star Superman Morrison C 1 Mar  
Persepolis Satrapi GN 1 Mar  
Kingdom Come Waid GN   Mar  
A Game of Thrones Martin GN 1 Mar Skimmed, basically same as show
LOTR: The Two Towers Tolkien AB   Mar Re-read
All-Star Superman Morrison GN 2 Mar  
Hulk: Red Hulk Loeb GN 1 Mar  
Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of… Moore GN   Mar  
LOTR: The Return of the King Tolkien AB   Mar Re-read
The Books of Magic Gaiman GN   Apr  
Star Wars - Darth Vadar: Imperial Machine Soule C 1 Apr  
Dark Nights: Metal Snyder GN   Apr  
Star Wars - Darth Vadar: Legacy’s End Soule C 2 Apr  
Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Coates C 1 Apr  
Get Jiro! Bourdain GN   Apr  
Wonder Woman Earth One Morrison C 1 Apr  
The Children of Hurin Tolkien AB   Apr  
Good Omens Pratchett AB   May  
The Last Hero Pratchett B   May  
Dune Herbert AB   May  
Armada Cline B   May  
Illegal Donkin GN   Jun  
Frankenstein Shelley GN   Jun  
Batman: Year One Miller GN   Jun  
WE3 Morrison GN   Jun  
The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect David GN   Jul  
Superman: The Coming of Atlas Robinson GN   Jul  
Teknophage Gaiman GN 1 Jul  
Maus 1: My Father Bleeds History Spiegelman GN   Jul  
The Immortal Hulk: Hulk in Hell Ewing C 3 Jul  
Batman RIP Morrison GN   Jul  
Survivor Palahniuk B   Jul  
Doctor Who: 13th Doctor - A New Beginning Houser C 1 Jul  
Miracleman Moore C Book 3 Jul  
Miracleman Gaiman C Book 4 Jul  
Venom: The Abyss Cates C 2 Jul  
Star Wars: Darth Maul Bunn GN   Jul  
ASOIAF: A Game of Thrones Martin AB   Jul  
God Is Disappointed In You Russell AB   Aug  
Brat Pack Veitch GN   Aug  
Blue is the Warmest Color Maroh GN   Sep  
Animosity: The Wake Bennett C 1 Sep  
House of Penance Tomasi GN   Sep  
Space Pinchy Takezaki GN   Sep  
The Stand King AB   Oct  
Body Music Maroh GN   Oct  
Andre the Giant: Life & Legend Brown GN   Nov  
Bad Friends Ancco GN   Nov