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Scientist. Engineer. Musician.

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I have finally gotten around to getting my new website setup like I want it. I wrote my previous website back in 2010 and embedded a Wordpress blog into in. I was super proud of this as it flexed a lot of technical areas I was not well versed in at the time (PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JQuery, Wordpress scripting, etc). Although I liked that site, I wanted something that was cleaner and easier to maintain. So I decided to go with a Jekyll site and host it on GitHub. The new site is much cleaner and easier to organize since everything is Markdown. I highly recommend a Jekyll site to all!

I am still going through and fixing all my old blog posts to be correctly formatted Markdown so some of them will look a bit funny until then. I also currently have an issue with my library software: it has decided to duplicate all the books in the library for no apparent reason.

Enjoy the new site!