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tl;dr: My website & blog are going into archive mode. So long and thanks for all the fish!

Blogging is hard.

I started this blog (and website) over a decade ago when I was in undergrad. I had just started my internship at NASA and got the bug to write. I coded my first website and blog by hand which I really enjoyed. I hadn’t really done web stuff before so I thought it was a chance to try my hand at it. I pretty much hated it. I’m not a frontend person at all and dealing with styling is the worst. But I did it.

I then moved to using Wordpress with default templates. That lasted a while and made the blog aspect a lot easier but I didn’t have enough flexibility. So I wrote my own Wordpress template which was neat but was too complicated to keep up for a simple static website.

Eventually I ended up with a Jekyll website and blog which I absolutely loved. That is the current format of the website and blog and has been for some years. However, I have not kept up with anything beyond comestics. I used to enjoy writing blog posts but now after working all day I don’t find much enjoyment in it. I also enjoyed keeping my resume polished and did that for years but recently that has also fallen out of favor with me. Lastly, I have for some time kept a list of things I have read and am reading. Until very recently I still did this but I am now stopping that as well. I used to have the feeling that I wanted to document my journey through different things but now I no longer feel that pull. So, I am calling it quits. This blog has been stagnant for a long while and this will almost certainly be the last post (that no on will read).

So long and thanks for all the fish!