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J. Caleb Wherry

Scientist. Engineer. Musician.

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Last summer was the first time I got involved in something “quantum-y.” I had two years of schooling in Computer Science type classes (and some math, although not much) and experience working at LLNL and NASA, but nothing with quantum. Or really even physics. I was a wannabe physicist at the time and was looking for something interesting to do that would bridge between CS, Math, and Physics. Well, I found what I was looking: Quantum Information Science. I stumbled across this summer school at MIT and couldn’t pass up the chance to apply. So I did and to my surprise, I got in! I was pretty thrilled. I would get to spend a week at MIT and learn from some of the giants in quantum computation: Seth Lloyd, Scott Aaronson, Ike Chuang, and Jeff Shapiro.

I had a blast once I arrived. I learned more mathematics and physics in one week then I had ever before. It left me wanting more. Way more. So, ever since I have been reading and doing research on anything quantum I can get my hands on and I love it. Below is a picture of the whole gang.