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My library has been growing steadily as of late and I find myself not having enough time to read. I get caught up in school, research, life, etc. and just don’t have time to pick up a book and enjoy it. But that is stopping now. I love to read and I love to learn. New books excite me and I find myself wanting to share with others the things I like and don’t like about them.

So, I am starting a new series called “A Book Review” (catchy title, I know) here at Viva la Science. I will showcase a newly read book, or possibly a book I read long ago, and just mention what I thought of the book and such. These books are mostly going to be scientific in nature but they could be works of fiction or even poetry, who knows! It will pretty much be a free for all at times and some posts might be rather short and others long. I might have other posts that stem off of these to talk about specific questions that arose while reading the book or they could be one line posts about how awful the book was and how I never want to open it again… Only time will tell what comes across in this series! I hope you enjoy the series!