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ISBN-13: 978-0465078363

This is by far one of the best popular science books I have ever read. Lee Smolin is a brilliant physicist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics who is able to create a fascinating history of how the main quantum theories of gravity were formulated and the part he played in them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn some interesting physics. Smolin is very modest in his own contributions to the field of quantum gravity which I appreciated. I do not like picking up a book and hearing about how awesome the author is and why everyone should give them standing ovations for what they have done (cough…A New Kind of Science… cough).

I had the pleasure of meeting Smolin very briefly while I was at Perimeter Institute. He had an office right down from mine and I only wish I could have spoken with him more. Unfortunately, I did not have much time to do so. He is just as interesting in person as he is in the book and I would (and am going to) read anything by him in the future! He is an excellent scientist and I highly recommend any of his works!