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I am delighted to report that a few months ago I was accepted into an international summer school on Modern Computational Science: Simulation of Extreme Events. This summer school will be held in Oldenburg, Germany for a duration of 2 weeks. I will be making daily blog posts about my experiences, both educational and recreational! Hopefully I will learn some new things and be able to convey them here.

Meagan and I got up this morning around 7 AM to prepare for our flights. She, unfortunately, will not be going with me to Germany so she is heading back to Clarksville, TN and Huntsville, AL to visit her family and friends (Hopefully next time she will have her passport so that she can go as well!) We decided to walk to the airport this morning since it was only 1.8 miles… mistake! It was too early to be walking to the airport. Next time we will definitely call a cab!

Meagan’s flight was a little behind (6 minutes or so) but she took off at around 10:20 AM from the Roanoke, VA airport. I am currently sitting in the terminal waiting on flight which takes off at 1 PM.

I am extremely excited about the summer school. I received a full grant to attend so it is essentially a free trip to do some awesome mathematics/computational science! I hope my trip to and from Oldenburg goes off without a hitch so that I can really enjoy my trip.

Well, that is it for now! I will post daily about my trip (and sometimes more) so check back for updates often!