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ISBN-13: 978-0898714289

tl;dr: Very fun book to read. Cited in most papers/books on numerical linear algebra topics. Get it and read it!

I bought this book because of the course I took during the Fall 2013 semester at VaTech: Numerical Analysis & Software. It was not the main text but an optional text to buy. It did not help me in the course very much but I found the text fun to read. Jack Dongarra is one of the fathers of Numerical Linear Algebra in HPC and this book is a great introduction to some of the original ideas in the field. There are lots of improvements these days on the algorithms and methods presented but it is always good to go back and study the foundational materials before diving deep and trying to understand the forefront of current research.

I don’t have much more to say about the book since this review has been sitting in my draft folder FOR OVER A YEAR NOW! It had to be pushed out. I think the book is fundamental if you are interested in numerical computing on HPC systems and some (if not all) of the topics covered will most likely be on comprehensive/qualifying PhD exams in and around the area of numerical computing.