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Last summer I participated in a summer school at MIT called QuISU. While I was there I heard of another program that goes on every summer at the Institute for Quantum Computing called the Undergraduate School for Experimental Quantum Information Processing (USEQIP). I had the great pleasure of participating in this summer school and I learned a ton of stuff and met a lot of awesome people. I am no experimentalist (nor physicist, if you want to get technical) but I loved learning about the experimental side of quantum information processing. I wish I had taken the Experimental Methods course at APSU before so that I might have at least known some of the stuff we learned at the beginning. But, I did pretty well I think for not having a background in the stuff!

All together I enjoyed my time at IQC more than at MIT. Although both programs were amazing I got much more from the program at IQC. This was most likely because QuISU ran only 1 week while USEQIP was 2 weeks. I feel like the group bonded more while at USEQIP because of the extended amount of time. I would highly recommend it to anyone at all interested in experimental quantum information processing (or just quantum in general!) The whole group can be seen below: